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I create award winning multimedia solutions for leading researchers and organisations so you can focus on your passion of making our lives better.

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With over 20 years in multimedia graphics and 10 years in research and education I love creating design solutions that not only look good but also teach people how to improve their lives. This is my passion.

I also make websites. Just like this one.

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I have won Awards and recognition with many successful organisations, so I know what it takes to make a project run smoothly. With my work you will be able to see the ideas develop daily and with your input, I can make your project run like clockwork.

Big or small.

I can help. Whether it's help with a diagram, blog post or a media strategy plan for an entire project, bounce me an email and I can give you advice and competitive pricing to help you succeed. Get in touch today so I can help you get off the ground.

My Portfolio.

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The Magic Glasses Project was an short educational cartoon to combat the prevalence of intestinal worms in children in China.

Magic Glasses China

My work as the Research School of Population Health (RSPH) web content manager

Online Content

A showcase of my 5 years providing online education content for ANU (Australian National University).

Online Education

The Magic Glasses initiative deployed in the Philippines where there is a high infection rate of intestinal worms.

Magic Glasses Philippines

A variety of different figures and posters I designed for researchers at ANU.

Figure & Poster Design

Big or small.

I can help.

Ut Dicta Consectetur

Ut Dicta Consectetur


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