Andrew Bedford

Communications & Multimedia Design

Magic Glasses China

The 'Magic Glasses' project became one of the most effective measures in Asia in the prevention of parasitic worm infections. Worldwide, 2 billion people are thought to infected with parasitic worms with terrible consequences. The project's goal was to change simple behaviors and attitudes by the creation of a fun and engaging 10 minute cartoon and accompanied media (such as comics and quizzes). In the Cartoon, the children through the use of the 'Magic Glasses' can see worm infestations and eggs, otherwise too small for the naked eye. After watching the video, infection was nearly halved for children involved and the project went on to become a global success in the academic world, securing funding for future magic glasses projects, various awards including the Eureka Australian Museum runner-up award, the winner of the Centre for Neglected Diseases Animation award and a publication in the New England Journal of Medicine.


The cartoon was trialed in China were feedback from the China team and the schools were implemented into the final animation.
The Magic Glasses China project was a massive success. There was a 50% reduction in infection in schools where it was deployed.